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About the
2020 Expo

The 2020 Media Challenge Expo was meant to discuss the state of journalism amidst the covid-19 pandemic, and all its accompanying implications on the media industry. Prior to the pandemic, journalism was already dealing with aggressive authoritarian regimes, trust and credibility as well as a looming economic crisis that raised questions on media viability or sustainability of quality journalism.

CONFERENCE DAY 1: The Reality, the Talents and Players of Journalism in Uganda

A Riveting panel discussions with journalists, journalism students and media leaders to challenge the status quo of how journalism is done in Uganda and generate solutions to challenges.


A disruptive career fair approach where students walk in for interviews, live auditions and networking with our network of media house employers and learn innovative journalism skills in a series of interactive skills building workshops.


We invite media managers and owners to identify talent, and recruit from competing students in the Inter-Institutional Media Challenge

Network Place

Every year, we assemble captains of industry and aspiring journalists as a way of creating career networks that nurture talent and build professional capacity

What Happened

The Media Challenge Expo offered nuggets in improving editorial and journalistic response to events, trends, and core challenges of media fraternity. Given the wealth of expertise of the speakers, the event was a fertile ground to cultivate knowledge on a wide range of subjects, and also build connection and belonging for both media practitioners and friends of journalism.


Natascha Schwanke

DW Akademie Deputy Head

Ms. Ann Therese Ndong Jatta,

Director and Representative, UNESCO Regional Office for Eastern Africa

Miriam Ohlsen

Country Representative, DW Akademie Uganda