Ana Malbasa,

Investigative Journalist NOVA TV, Croatia

Award Winning Investigative Journalist NOVA TV, Croatia

11.00 - 12.30 PM Panel Discussion

Saturday 5th Dec

Keeping Investigative Journalism Alive in the times of uncertainty and COVID-19

The watchdog role of investigative journalism has never been more important than during a crisis, when transparency becomes a life-or-death issue and power players must be held to account. During Covid-19 for example, there has been rampant corruption of the financial flows; fraudulent tests, treatments and vaccine candidates; and dangerous lies by politicians and power players that must be revealed for the public good. What role has investigative journalism played in uncovering critical issues during the Covid-19 pandemic, and which effects have these investigations had? What are the challenges facing investigative journalists in Uganda and Africa during this time of multiple crises and a struggling media sector? What are innovative responses, opportunities and examples of successful models that can help investigative journalists on the continent thrive?