Benon Oluka

Africa Editor, Global Investigative Journalism Network

Benon Herbert Oluka is a journalist who started his career with Observer Media moving to Monitor Publications in 2008. He has also contributed as a freelance writer to The Mail, The Guardian and The Africa Report. His work has earned him a number of accolades including Winner of the Akintola Fatoyinbo Africa Education Journalist Award 2008, Winner of the Uganda Investigative Journalism Awards in 2007 and the Golden Pen Journalism Awards in the same year.

2.00 - 4.00 PM Workshop

Friday 4th Dec

Skills building workshop session for students: Political and Election Reporting

As governmental decisions, campaigns and actions run our societies and significantly impact the livelihoods of our citizens, the government and politics beat is one of the most important sectors of the media industry. It is important for journalists to know how to understand the workings of government and critically cover local and national campaigns, the process, potential implications and impacts of government actions, and abuses by government actors. This session will train students how to cover governmental events in a critical and objective manner while maintaining their security. There will be a specific focus on how to report effectively about the upcoming elections.

11.00 - 12.30 PM Panel Discussion

Monday 5th Dec

Keeping Investigative Journalism Alive in the times of uncertainty and COVID-19

The watchdog role of investigative journalism has never been more important than during a crisis, when transparency becomes a life-or-death issue and power players must be held to account. During Covid-19 for example, there has been rampant corruption of the financial flows; fraudulent tests, treatments and vaccine candidates; and dangerous lies by politicians and power players that must be revealed for the public good. What role has investigative journalism played in uncovering critical issues during the Covid-19 pandemic, and which effects have these investigations had? What are the challenges facing investigative journalists in Uganda and Africa during this time of multiple crises and a struggling media sector? What are innovative responses, opportunities and examples of successful models that can help investigative journalists on the continent thrive?