Caleb Okereke,

Minority Africa Founder
11.00 - 12.30 PM Panel Discussion

Thursday 3rd Dec

Beyond the Headlines: Unreported, underreported and Ignored issues and stories

The business of media, dominant cultures, censorship and discrimination inevitably leaves gaps in the way certain topics or groups of people are covered in the media. As revenue has shrunk, media houses have also been forced to close regional offices and lay off specialist reporters, worsening the lack of diversity and inclusion in coverage. This session will look critically at media coverage in Uganda and across Africa, identifying important gaps in reporting. Which topics and groups of people are critically ignored, under-reported or presented through unfair stereotypes, and what are the underlying reasons why? What have been the effects of this type of reporting? What are emerging platforms and examples of journalists in Africa who have covered under-reported stories well, and which lessons can we learn from them?


9:40 a.m. – 10:50 a.m.

Day Two Media Challenge Expo

Applying Constructive/ Solutions Journalism in Covering Public Service Delivery

Discussion will feature

  • Amos Wambi, Solutions Now Africa
  • Ruth Omar
  • Hellen Kabahukya, News Reporter Solutions Now Africa
  • Caleb Okereke, Co Founder & Editor, Minority Africa
  • Chubuike Alagbso, Nigeria Health Watch