Flavia K Tumusiime

NTV Journalist
03.30 - 04.30 PM Workshop

Wednesday 2nd Dec

Skills building workshop session for students: Public Relations and Personal Branding and Photojournalism

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc around the globe, we have all come to learn one key lesson, that now more than ever in the history of global crises, communicators are essential in the fight against COVID-19. A lot of communication has focused on how to stop the spread of the virus, with companies strengthening the WHO and government guidelines in containing the virus. However, there is more to this that communication and public relations professionals should be focusing on right now in the days of COVID-19. Can your communication and PR strategy continue business as usual or do you need to change game? What PR strategies should we be investing in? How are companies preparing and communicating life after COVID19? In an uncertain and viral landscape, any wrong turn can hurt your reputation, as journalists and people on social media are following any public relations mistakes and scandals. It is also important to reflect on how brands continue to build and exist in a pandemic. How can we build brand resilience in times of COVID-19? How should people remember your brand after COVID-19? How can your brand bounce back after a crisis? Can you pivot your brand to help now?