Gerald Businge

Ultimate Multimedia Consult Cofounder
11.00 - 12.30 PM Workshop

Wednesday 2nd Dec

Media Viability and New Revenue Business Models to Keep Journalism Alive

One of the most affected sectors by the Covid-19 economic crisis was the media. When lockdowns hit, media houses lost their major sources of revenue - advertising and subscribers - and many closed, laid off staff or cut salaries. This was just the latest blow to the industry, which has suffered with declining sales and revenues for years. In such an environment, how can the media and journalists remain viable to continue their important work of informing the public? Which models are working in Uganda, Africa and internationally to support journalists’ welfare and the business of media, and what are their implications on content and ethics? This session will explore new media revenue generation models, innovations and strategies that are being explored in Uganda and abroad to help the media remain viable. It will also look at new challenges and opportunities to media viability being afforded by the Covid-19 crisis and the world going online.