Haruna Kanaabi

Freedom of Information Hub
11.00 - 12.30 PM Panel Discussion

Friday 4th Dec

Keeping Journalism Alive: Journalists safety and abuse of media freedoms during a time of Covid-19 and elections

Worldwide, press freedom is declining and journalists are under attack. Authoritarianism has re-emerged in many societies as the world faces corresponding health, economic and environmental crises, often to the detriment of free speech and information. During the Covid-19 pandemic, journalists have been denied access or information due to the classification of the virus as an issue of national security. Lockdowns have sometimes been used as an excuse to repress journalists and free speech. The corresponding election season has only made the problems worse. How have journalists’ safety and the abuse of media freedoms been affected during this time of crisis? How can media houses and journalists uphold their rights to freedom of speech and information? What role does government, civil society and the general public play?