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Building Next Generation of Journalists.


Powering SDGs through Local Collaborative Journalism.


Transforming Narratives.


Boosting Safe Migration.


Transforming Gender Equality Norms and Unlocking access to public Services for women and girls.

Media Challenge Expo 2023The Media Challenge Expo is an annual gathering of journalism thought leaders and stakeholders with a keen interest in exploring the future of journalism and its connection to development in Uganda and across Africa.
Day 01: Media Challenge Initiative@12
Mon 13th Nov, 2023

Celebrating a decade of media impact, youth journalism, and innovation, we're taking a moment to reflect. Join us for a special session where the four co-founders share the founding story of MCI. Our partners will discuss the significance of investing in youth media, and university journalism professors will highlight their trust in MCI as an educational partner. Media managers will share their experiences working with MCI to address recruitment and talent challenges. This 40-minute scripted studio stage offers live conversations, virtual content, and music, capturing the essence of MCI's legacy. Don't miss the live band and poetry performances throughout the non-stop morning show format.

  • Track and celebrate the impact of 10 years of Media Challenge Initiative on the media industry
        Day 02: Moving Stories
        Tue 14th Nov, 2023

        Local media, essential for democracy, has faced challenges due to economic pressures and digital platforms. This interactive session introduces the MCI SDG Media Van, a Newsroom on Wheels bridging urban newsrooms and rural communities. Journalists and community reporters collaborate to cover under-reported stories and solutions related to Sustainable Development Goals. The van enhances dialogue and public service delivery communication in Uganda, transforming communities into pro-sumers and advancing local journalism. Explore this innovative solution for revitalizing grassroots journalism.

        • We launch the SDG Media Van in partnership with KAS Uganda & South Sudan
              Day 03: Bridging the Gender Equality Gap
              Wed 15th Nov, 2023

              Gender equality is not only a basic human right, but it is also a necessary component of a just and equitable society. Uganda, like the rest of the world, has made progress but is still a long way from achieving gender equality by 2030. There is a lot that needs to be done.

              • To understand the influence of media in shaping gender perceptions and public attitudes.
              • To discuss the role of media in promoting women's access to public services and their participation in decision-making processes.
                  Day 04: A Humane & Whole Story
                  Thu 16th Nov, 2023

                  For far too long, the narrative surrounding Africa in the media has been one of poverty, conflict, and disease. While these challenges are real, they represent only a fraction of the continent's story. Africa is also a place of resilience, creativity, and progress. In recent years, we have witnessed a growing movement to challenge these stereotypes and present a more nuanced view of Africa. However, it is insufficient to transform the historical distorted images. We need more action.

                  • Challenge and reshape outdated and harmful narratives about Africa by highlighting its successes, innovations, and potential.
                  • Inspire a New Generation of young Africans to take a proactive role in shaping their continent's future, fostering a sense of pride and responsibility.
                  • Create a human media that puts Africa first and empowers Africans to tell their stories.
                  • Promote a more accurate and balanced portrayal of Africa to the world.
                  • Encourage international cooperation and investment in Africa.
                  Day 05: Media Skills Day NNC
                  Fri 17th Nov, 2023

                  • Practical Media Workshops for journalists
                  • Young journalists sign up for workshops
                  • Digital Media Workshops for journalists
                  • Young stars receive practical digital skills workshops Data, blockchain etc
                  • Young stars receive practical digital skills workshops Data, blockchain etc

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